New Climate Process Team

CPT Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy funded by NSF and NOAA

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new multi-institution Climate Process Team (CPT) on Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy, funded by NSF and NOAA. The CPT aims to implement, assess, improve, and unify recent work on energetically-consistent ocean eddy momentum and tracer parametrizations in ocean-only and coupled climate models to improve model fidelity.

We have four postdoc positions available (NYU, Princeton, WHOI, CU Boulder) covering observations, theory, and modeling of ocean mesoscale eddies. See the advert here.

You can find more details online. The website will be updated in the coming weeks. You can find the proposal online.

Laure Zanna
Laure Zanna
Professor of Mathematics & Atmosphere/Ocean Science [She/Her]

My research interests include Climate Dynamics, Physical Oceanography and Data Science.