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Opportunities in the group

[updated 11/2023]

  • 🧠 Postdoctoral Applications: We are in the process of advertising positions as part of M²LInES, supported by Schmidt Futures. Please check the M²LInES website for opportunities.

  • 💡 Graduate Students: I welcome applications from students with strong applied math or physics background interested in quantitative climate physics (using theory, numerics, data science). I am accepting PhD students through CAOS, Applied Math, and CDS. Read carefully the application pages for details about the program, application, requirements, etc. Given the large volume of emails received, I might not respond to your enquiries until I see your application unless you have a specific question/concern not addressed in the admission page or below. In CAOS, you are admitted to the program, not an adviser or a research project. If a student is accepted in CAOS, they will be able to discuss research projects with potential advisors during their first year. If a student is interested in working with me, make sure you mention my name in your application and please browse through this website and my Google Scholar to get an idea of our research projects. Feel free to reach out to group members if you have any inquiries about our research. Given the volume of emails I receive, it is unlikely that I will be able to reply to emails with initial enquiries before applications are submitted.

  • Undergraduates, Interns and K-12: We are not accepting any applicants for the foreseeable future.